Fantastic Baseball


Game Guide

Main Menu / UI

① You can view your Currently selected League, My team, and profile details. You can also adjust these settings.

② You can view Action Points, Resources and Item information owned by the player.

③ Graphic, Sound, Options that include Language and Account Linking, Guide, and Terms of Use can be accessed.

④ You can view Tutorial Mission and Guide missions.

⑤ You can view daily missions and achievement information. Rewards for completed achievements and missions can be claimed.

⑥ You can view information of the event that is currently taking place.

⑦ You can access the Inventory. You can view presents, products or notices sent to the Mailbox.

⑧ A Shortcut button that directs you to your last played game mode.

⑨ Buy Items that will come in handy during the game in the shop.

⑩ You can view player training lineup, player roster, enhance player and special effects.

⑪ Move to Main lobby.

⑫ Select from a variety of play modes.

⑬ You can view player catalog information by each League