Fantastic Baseball


Game Guide

Team Creation

Choose from a League you want to participate in and play as: MLB, KBO, and CPBL. You can create individual teams by League.

● Introduction

- MLB - “The Classic” America’s Representative league, Truly the world’s best- Major League Baseball.

- KBO - “The Challenger” Korea’s Representative league, the daring challenger that aims for the world- Korea Baseball Organization.

- CPBL - “The Rising” Taiwan’s Representative league, the League that piqued the interest of the world- Chinese Professional Baseball League.

● League and Team Creation

① Select the League you want to play as.

② Within the League, select the team you prefer to play as.

③ You can return back to the League select page while selecting your team. 

* When first participating in a league, 20 player cards within the league are distributed to you by default. 2 players that are in the team you chose will be additionally granted.

When lining up teams into all leagues, up to 5 Players that are not part of the league can be brought into your team as OTHER LEAGUE PLAYERS.

※ However, in PvP Showdown mode, team lineups can be made without regard to the leagues the players are involved in. 

● League/Change My Team

① In the main lobby, select player user information.

② Select ‘Change’ button displayed under User information > My league’ or ‘My team’

③ Select the league or team you want to change to from the list.