Fantastic Baseball


Game Guide

Basic Controls

Introduction to basic controls

● Play Position

- In Fantastic Baseball, you can play as two positions: the Pitcher and the Batter

- When playing as the Defending team, you are the Pitcher and when playing as the Offensive team, you play as the Batter.

● Pitcher

① The current score is displayed.

② Check the Pitcher’s Stamina. The lower the Pitcher’s Stamina, the higher the likelihood of a mistake occurring.

③ Take your action with Pickoff or Intentional Base on Balls. 

④ View player details.

⑤ Select the Pitch Types.

⑥ Touch or Drag to set the way of pitching. 

⑦ Tap the moving circle to throw the ball at a designated moment.

● Batter

① The current score is displayed.

② Assign the runner to Steal Base depending on the circumstances of batters who advanced in the base. 

③ View player details.

④ Aim at the Pitcher’s pitch direction within the strike zone. Batter’s Contact value will differ depending on their choice.

⑤ Swing or bunt in the right timing.

⑥ When selecting power swing, chance of Extra-base Hit occurring becomes higher, however, hitting a ball into non-targeted areas increase poor batting rate.