Fantastic Baseball



Single Play

Play against an AI that steadily gets harder in difficulty throughout the Season, and get rewards for winning in the Single Play Mode.

[Basic Information]

- Participating League: All Leagues (Leagues Progressed Separately)

- The gameplay is based on a simulation. Gameplay will be required in key moments during the simulation

- Single Play mode is made up of multiple difficulties. Move on to higher difficulties after completing all series within each difficulty. 

- Complete and win 3 rounds within a series to progress on to the next series. Acquire rewards after clearing every series and/or stage.

- Action Points are consumed when playing a game.

- Single Play will commence in the form of Seasons. When a new Season starts, all players start over from the Rookie level 1 difficulty again.

- After the Season is over, rewards from the Season will be distributed depending on how far the player has progressed.

● Main Screen

① All difficulties are displayed.

② Your current difficulty and Series is displayed.

③ Move to Your current difficulty and Series.

● Series

① Your opponent’s line-up is displayed

② You can view difficulty and Series, Round information and Clear reward

③ You can view the odds of winning and a comparison of strength.

④ Press the ‘Start’ button to begin the Match.

● Special Series- Fantastic Match-up

- Once you have reached a Specific Series, you can commence with the Fantastic Match-up.

- Choose who you want to play against in Fantastic Match-up.

① Click the Arrow to select who you want to play against.

② Opponent’s strength and clear reward is displayed.