Fantastic Baseball



Known Issues - [Update: April. 12th. 6:40 am (UTC-4)]


Surreal Team, Real Play

Greetings, This is FANTASTIC BASEBALL.

We announce the currently known issues through this notice

Additional issues that are confirmed will be announced through this notice.

■ Known Issues

[Sound] Issue of Sound option being deleted on the main lobby after the non-maintenance patch on April 12th. (April 12th, 6:40)

  : Sound option can be turned on during the match. It is scheduled to be fixed on our next update.

■ Fixed Issues

- [AOS, IOS] Issue of the Home-run Animation / UI not appearing in certain situations - Fixed on April 2nd, 4:19 am (UTC-4)

- [Account] An issue where login process has been continuously repeated upon logging in to the game with a Facebook account on the iOS interface (March 20th. 9:44 pm (UTC-4): Fixed on April 1st, 7:00pm (UTC-4)

- [Achievement] Issue where the win streak for PVP Showdown does not get accumulated: Fixed on April 1st, 7:00pm (UTC-4)

- [iOS] An issue where iOS devices gets heated and the game suffers frame-drops: Fixed on April 3rd, 5:55 am (UTC-4)

- [IOS] An issue where transaction will not normally process and an error pop-up : '[W-15]’ gets displayed. - (After logging out of the account and logging in again, this issue gets temporarily fixed.) : Fixed on April 3rd 8:50 pm (UTC-4)