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Known Issues - [Update: July 2nd, 09:14pm (UTC-4)]


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We announce the currently known issues through this notice

Additional issues that are confirmed will be announced through this notice.

■ Known Issues

■ Fixed Issues

- [Theme Card] Issue of Player of the Month Card not being set as Theme Cards. - Fixed during June 27th Update

- [Friend Invite] Issue of mission completion progress from the Friend Invite Event not being properly displayed and refreshed when connecting to the page with the following method: ‘Main Lobby > Invite Friend’ button - Fixed during June 27th Update

- [Player Enhancement] Issue of a specific Player Card (2020 Season SANG-HYUN JEON / KIA TIGERS ) being unable to level up Fixed during June 27th Update

- [Tutorial Mission] Issue of Challenge Mode mission not being marked as completed after playing - Fixed on June 27th

[Ultimate Trait] Issue of the [R-1] Error Being displayed when using Player Cards that are part of a different League's Lineup, as material for Ultimate Trait.

ㄴ When deselecting the Payer Card from the League's lineup, the Player Card can be used as material for Ultimate Traits. This will be changed so that Player Cards that are part of a Lineup of a different League will not appear on the list of Ultimate Trait Materials. - Fixed on May 21st, 2:00am (UTC-4)

- [UI] Issue of Team's Strength not being calculated correctly in the Substitute Player window. - Fixed on May 30th, 1:00am (UTC-4)

- [Challenge Mode] Issue of failing the 'Hit' Mission in the Challenge Mode when gaining past the additional points required to win in a ending base on balls situation. - Fixed on May 30th, 1:00am (UTC-4)

- [AOS] Issue of a specific image being displayed abnormally when changing language, logging out, and waiting for a while before restarting the app - Fixed on April 30th, 4:53am (UTC-4)

- [AOS, iOS] Issue of the Home-run Animation / UI not appearing in certain situations: Fixed on April 2nd, 4:19 am (UTC-4)

- [Account] An issue where login process has been continuously repeated upon logging in to the game with a Facebook account on the iOS interface (March 20th. 9:44 pm (UTC-4): Fixed on April 1st, 7:00pm (UTC-4)

- [Achievement] Issue where the win streak for PVP Showdown does not get accumulated: Fixed on April 1st, 7:00pm (UTC-4)

- [iOS] An issue where iOS devices gets heated and the game suffers frame-drops: Fixed on April 3rd, 5:55 am (UTC-4)

- [iOS] An issue where transaction will not normally process and an error pop-up : '[W-15]’ gets displayed. - (After logging out of the account and logging in again, this issue gets temporarily fixed.): Fixed on April 3rd 8:50 pm (UTC-4)

- [Sound] Issue of Sound option being deleted on the main lobby after the non-maintenance patch on April 12th: Fixed on April 15th 8:15 pm (UTC-4)

- [Event] Some accounts are unable to participate in the Single Play>Mission Time Attack event: Fixed on April 16th 1:00 am (UTC-4)

- [Daily Mission] Issue of information on the last Daily Mission being displayed different (Currently displayed as: 'Clear all Daily Mission 0/5' → will be changed to: 'Clear Daily Missions 0/5'). - Fixed on May 13th, 8:30pm (UTC-4)