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Regarding Server Times


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Match up and Play Ball against users from all around the globe!

Jump-in to FANTASTIC BASEBALL! Where it is you, your team, against the World!

We have provided a table informing users of the reset periods in the game. As a Global service, make sure to keep note of it to enjoy FANTASTIC BASEBALL all around the world.

For our Team Owners’ seamless gameplay, please check all Server Times and the related schedules attached below to avoid any misunderstanding.

■ Server Times

- Server Times: UTC-4

※ Server Standard time will be UTC-4

■ Detailed Information

- Two Reset Schedules exist for the content of Fantastic Baseball. 

(1st. 11:00 am / 2nd. 8:00pm (UTC-4)

◇ 1st Reset Schedule (11:00 am, UTC-4)

Time Zone
Server Times
11:00 am
00:00 am (+1 day)
11:00 pm (+1 day)

▶Contents Affected

- [Content] Game modes’ Season period

- [Shop] Products

◇ 2nd Reset Schedule (8:00 pm, UTC-4)

Time Zone
Server Times
8:00 pm
9:00 am (+1 day)
8:00 am (+1 day)

▶Contents Affected

 -  [Mission] Daily Mission

 -  [Special Mission] Daily Mission in the New Recruit Mission 

 -  [Shop] Daily-Purchasable / Weekly-Purchasable Products

 -  [Check-in] Check-in event

※ Content and events that undergo a different reset schedule will be informed through a separate event notice or PLAYBOOK on our official forum.

Thank you.