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Greetings, This is FANTASTIC BASEBALL.

To cheer on Team Owners, and to show them our appreciation, FANTASTIC BASEBALL is supporting Team Owners with a variety of coupon codes!

Plenty of coupons have been revealed, but some Team Owners may not have been able to use the codes yet. Therefore, we have prepared this post to summarize the coupons that are currently available in FANTASTIC BASEBALL!

Coupons that have been shared, and new Coupons that are added will be updated through this post. Make sure to check in on this post and obtain the variety of rewards that are available!

Please check the information below for more details on the usable coupons.

■ Usable Coupons

CategoryCoupon CodeItems includedExpiration Period (UTC-4)
April Season Open Celebration Surprise Coupon
- Action Points x 100
- Normal Player Card Pack Ticket x 5
Until 05/06(Mon)
07:00 pm
- XP x 2,000
- Normal Special Training Ticket x 2
- Normal Player Card Pack Ticket x 10
Until 05/06(Mon)
07:00 pm
- XP x 3,000
- Normal Player Card Pack Ticket x 15
- Gold Trait Exchange Ticket x 1
Until 05/06(Mon)
07:00 pm
Happy Week Coupon Relay
HAPPYWEEKPLAYFB- Normal Player Card Pack Ticket x 10
- Action Point x 100
- XP x 3,500
- Normal Special Training Ticket x 3
Until 05/02(Thu)
10:59 am

■ Register Coupon Code

 ● Mobile (Google/AppStore/ONEStore)

1) Install FANTASTIC BASEBALL and log in.

2) Go to the ‘Home’ tab → Tap on the top right Gear Icon(Options) → Scroll to the bottom and click on the ‘Enter Coupon’ button → Input Coupon Code.

3) Go to ‘Inventory’ → ‘Mailbox’, and receive the rewards.

 ● Official Homepage

1) Connect to FANTASTIC BASEBALL’s Official Homepage, and log in.

2) Click on ‘My Page’ on the top right of the homepage → ‘My Info’ → Click on ‘Sync Team Name’ under ‘Game Info’.

3) Input Coupon Code into [Register Coupon]

※ Coupon Rewards can only be claimed once per account.

※ There are no specific usage limitations to the Coupon listed above. The coupons are available for everyone to use.

※ Please note that you must use the coupon within the expiration period. Expired coupons will not be re-distributed.

We will continue to provide Team Owners with various coupons throughout our service! So keep an eye out, and continue to Play Ball in FANTASTIC BASEBALL!

Thank you.