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Maintenance - May 30th (Complete)


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Update maintenance is over.

PLAY BALL! Return to the Mound, Team Owner!

[Update Overview]

1. 5 New Events added.

2. Concept Card: Award Winner Player Cards will be added.

- ‘Concept Card Effect’ added and ‘Award Winner Cards’ that celebrates the Players that contributed to the League to obtain the honor of some impressive awards, are added. 

3. ‘Prism Dia Trade’ System added.

- Trade Prism Dia graded Players that you own in exchange for another much needed player!

4. ‘Challenge Mode’ will go through a renewal.

- Renewals such as a clearer UI, and improved Clear Rewards have been made, as well as a new ‘Challenge Renewal Event’ will take place where you can obtain a DIA Graded Player!

5. A new Pitcher  Lineup will be applied to the Slugger Showdown Mode.

6. Game Balance & Convenience Update will be applied.

- Game Balance improvements and convenience functions have been updated for a more realistic Baseball experience!

■ Maintenance Schedule

(UTC+9): Thursday, May. 30th, 2024, 7:30 am ~ 10:20 am

(UTC+8): Thursday, May. 30th, 2024, 6:30 am ~ 9:20 am

(UTC-4): Wednesday, May. 29th, 2024, 6:30 pm ~ 9:20 pm

■ Update Notices

• Official Homepage:

• New Event Round-Up:

• Patch Note:

We will do our best to provide a stable service.