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Pre-announcement of Changes in the Terms of Service.


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Greetings, This is FANTASTIC BASEBALL.

We would like to thank all Team Owners that showed FANTASTIC BASEBALL so much love.

Starting from June 26th, 2024, FANTASTIC BASEBALL’s Terms of Service will be changed as presented below.

As this is a pre-announcement, please make sure to check the terms when using our game service.

■ Main Changes

- New Article Added regarding ‘Temporary Member Policy’

- Numbering of the articles changed with the addition of an article (Article 21)

■ Revision Date (Day of Effect)

- Revision will be applied and will be in effect on June 26th, 2024 (UTC+9)

■ Notes

1) Translated versions are provided for the convenience of users. The Korean version of the Terms of Service will be in effect in the relation between the user and the company. 

2) If the Korean version of the Terms of Service and the translations of the Terms of Service differ, the Korean version of the Terms of Service will be in effect on priority.

■ Withdrawal of Consent

If you do not accept the terms that will be revised, you can express your denial by withdrawing your account.

If no particular objections have been made until the day of effect, we will assume the acceptance of the revised Terms of Service.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the revision of the Terms of Service, please feel free to contact our Customer Center.

■ Revisions

- Articles Added: Article 21 (Temporary Member Policy)

- Revised Article: Article 2(Definition of Terms)

Article 27(Company's Indemnification Clauses)

Revised Article

Article 2. (Definition of Terms):

Paragraph 1 Subparagraph 15.

“Temporary Member" refers to the person who uses the services provided by the Company by only offering partial information through the "guest login feature."

New Paragraph (Subparagraph) added.

Article 27 (Company's Indemnification Clauses)

13. The Company is not responsible for damages arising from the process of the Temporary Member's use of services. However, this does not apply in the case that occurred by intent or negligence from the Company.

Article Added

Article 21. (Temporary Member Policy)

1. The Company may provide a guest login feature for the user's convenience.

2. The Temporary Member's account (guest account) is bound to the device; its account information may be lost due to activities that may move, lose, or falsify the device's data, such as a loss of the device, factory reset, or deletion of cache or data.

3. In cases where the Temporary Member's account information is lost due to the member's negligence or fault, such as a change or loss of the device, factory reset, deletion of cache or data, or synchronization with an OS account, the recovery of the lost information will not be possible.

4. The Temporary Member account does not support account deletion and does not ensure permanent use.

5. The Company addresses ways to link the account to open markets (Google, Apple, etc.) and other platforms and issues that may occur when the Temporary Member account is used without an account link on a "pop-up inside the service" or the "official community."

6. The Company is not responsible for any problems that occur when the user does not link their account.

※ The revised Terms of Service can be checked through the following: Official Homepage > [Terms of Service].

Thank you.