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New Event Round-up- June 6th


Surreal Team, Real Play

Greetings, This is FANTASTIC BASEBALL.

A variety of new events will take place with the June 6th Update to cheer on Team Owners!

We’ve prepared events that can help Team Owners’ Players enhancement, and the growth of the Team! We ask for many Team Owners’ Participation in these events!

For detailed information regarding the new events, please check the information below.

1. [ Play Ball 7-Days Check-in ]

■ Event Period

- From June 6th, 9:00 ~ Until June 12th, 23:59(UTC+9)

■ Event Details

- Login to Fantastic Baseball for 7 days to receive check-in rewards.

- Event Rewards can be claimed once per account

[Play Ball 7-Days Check-in Event Shortcut]

2. [ Point Race Event ]

■ Event Period

- From June 6th, 9:00 ~ June 13th, Before Update.

■ Event Details

- During the Event period, obtain points by playing through various game modes and receive a bounty of rewards depending on the amount of points you have collected.

[Point Race Event Shortcut]

3. [ Summertime Special Support Mail Reward ]

■ Event Period

- From June 6th ~ Until June 9th

■ Event Details

- Items will be rewarded via mail to Team Owners within the event period.

- Event rewards can be claimed once per account

[Summertime Special Support Mail Reward Shortcut]

Thank you.