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03/26 Developer's Note: Guide to Upcoming Update Contents



Hello, I am Ho-chan Kang, the development producer of Fantastic Baseball.

Starting with the historic MLB World Tour Seoul Series 2024 on March 20th, the MLB opening game has begun, and the KBO also started its 2024 season last Saturday. Additionally, the Taiwanese professional baseball league, CPBL, is scheduled to begin on March 30th. MLB! KBO! And even the CPBL league can all be enjoyed in “Fantastic Baseball,” which officially opened on March 21st. I deeply thank all team owners who enjoy playing Fantastic Baseball.

Fantastic Baseball was developed from the question, "Why can a baseball game only utilize one league in one game?" It was developed with the imagination of what it would be like if fans of the KBO, MLB, and CPBL, who each have their passion, could enjoy matches together in one game space. Considering "the saddest day of the year is when the baseball season ends" is a sentiment any baseball fan, regardless of league or nationality, can feel, we hope Fantastic Baseball provides a space where fans of various leagues can support and compete with each other.

Since the opening of Fantastic Baseball, we have been meticulously reviewing feedback from users through various channels regarding content and other service issues. Seeing messages from team owners who are satisfied gives us strength, but reading those from owners who are dissatisfied prompts reflection on our part, and we are committed to making the best efforts to make Fantastic Baseball a more enjoyable baseball game. We will continue to provide detailed explanations about game improvements and updates to our team owners through developer letters.

Now, I will explain the direction of our updates:

1. We plan to conduct system updates at the end of each month.

We intend to update our systems sequentially and will prioritize updates based on feedback from team owners that we may not have considered. Not only the game system but also various events for team owners to enjoy will be updated, so please look forward to them.

2. We plan to update faithfully implementing various leagues.

We will continue updates to fully supplement the unique facials and forms of players from each league, as well as various stadiums, to ensure team owners can fully experience the unique features of Fantastic Baseball.

3. We will continuously update the challenge mode where new rules are applied.

Games that proceed with scoring opportunities in every inning, games where every batter and pitcher from 1 to 9 is a certain player, and more… We aim to provide a fantastic gaming environment unique to our game, which cannot be experienced in real baseball. We will offer special and differentiated fun in various situations and introduce new and diverse challenge modes that provide rich rewards upon completion.

In addition, based on the significant feedback from team owners, I will discuss the content currently in development:

1. App player support - Expected to update in April

Many team owners have expressed a desire to play on app players in addition to mobile devices. We are currently optimizing for app players and plan to make Fantastic Baseball available on app players in April.

2. Issues related to PvP matchmaking (including Showdown mode) - First applied on March 26, followed by continuous monitoring

Considering that PvP with team owners in poor network conditions can lead to unpleasant experiences, we have set the matchmaking rules and logic as stable as possible. However, this has often led to less smooth matchmaking. We have relaxed some of the matchmaking policies and logic through the March 26 update to improve this, and we will continue to monitor and strive to provide an exciting PvP experience for team owners.

3. PvP difficulty issues - First applied on March 26, followed by continuous monitoring

New team owners have expressed difficulties distinguishing between balls and strikes and hitting due to significant changes in breaking ball trajectories. We will continue to take measures to help new owners adapt to Fantastic Baseball.

4. Improvements to various convenience features - Expected to apply in April

We will make swift improvements to aspects that team owners find inconvenient. We will provide more detailed information on these convenience feature improvements in update announcements.

5. Reward-related updates - Continuous updates starting March 26

We have received significant feedback from team owners regarding the lack of various rewards. We will quickly address this issue. Starting today, push rewards will be distributed three times a day for the next two weeks. Additionally, we will ensure that by simply playing the game through various events, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of content.

6. Heat issues - First update expected at the end of April

Many team owners who play for a long time have reported that their devices become too hot. The quality of the game and heat generation are partially a trade-off, so it's challenging to specify when there will be no issues. However, the development team is continuously making adjustments. We will show gradual improvements with each update.

7. New mode opening - Expected to update on April 2

Simulation PvP Mode, a new feature for those who find manual play challenging, is currently being prepared and is set to open on April 2nd. This asynchronous PvP mode determines winners and losers purely through simulation, allowing you to directly test how strong your lineup is. The Simulation PvP mode will run from Monday to Friday each week, and on the weekends,an All-Star PvP event that top team owners can participate in will be held. By participating in both Simulation PvP and All-Star PvP, you can strengthen your lineup by acquiring various rewards.

This concludes the main content of today's developer note. We will continue to communicate with team owners to create Fantastic Baseball together. We look forward to your continued support and enthusiasm.

Thank you.

P.S. As a token of our gratitude, we have prepared a small gift. Enjoy the 2024 baseball season with Fantastic Baseball!

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