Fantastic Baseball


Developer's Note

4/12 Developer's Note: Regarding Main Updates for April



Hello, I am Ho-chan Kang, the development producer of Fantastic Baseball.

It has been 2 weeks since the last Developer’s Note. The past two weeks have definitely sped past us and we would like to thank Team Owners for all the love and interest they have shown for FANTASTIC BASEBALL.

Although it may take some time, we are doing our best to take note of and apply the feedback we are getting. We want to improve the game as soon as possible and make the FANTASTIC BASEBALL experience a stable and enjoyable one.


We shall Introduce to you the content we are preparing for April

1. Single Play’s upper difficulties will be expanded

Currently, Single Play mode has up to the 10 stages of the SeniorB level available. Through the April 16th Update, 10 stages for SeniorA level, and 10 stages for ChampionC level will be added. Obtain more champion rings with the newly added Single Play Stages!

2. A variety of Events will take place, of which includes the Challenge Mode Event on April 16th.

To make the Challenge more interesting, we have prepared a Challenge Mode Event where the final reward has been enhanced!

- In the ‘Normal’ difficulty, League Selection Gold Guaranteed Event Pack will be rewarded 

- In the ‘Hard’ difficulty, League Selection Diamond Guaranteed Event Pack will be rewarded 

Other than the rewards mentioned above, ‘Rare Player Card Pack Tickets’, ‘Diamond Trait Draw/exchange Tickets’ are also available as final rewards, so please keep note and participate in this Event.

Other than the Challenge Mode Event, a 7 Day Check-in Event, Special Mission Event, and Fantastic Passes will commence and be available starting from April 16th. Make sure to check the corresponding notices available on our Homepage and participate in the variety of Events that offer a bounty of rewards.

3. New Resources to be added for more content to enjoy through the April 23rd update.

20 Player Unique Faces will be updated.

- MLB x11 Players / KBO x3 Players / CPBL x6 Players

30 Player Unique Motions will be updated.

- MLB x11 Players  / KBO x16 Players  / CPBL x3 Players

A new baseball stadium is in preparation to be added. When it is ready, we shall add it in an update. The Development Team’s final goal is to update all players’ Unique Faces and Motions. We hope Team Owners are excited for these updates and we shall continue to update the mentioned factors through future updates.

4. Build Update on April 30th

1) A variety of In-game Event Systems to be Updated.

Events on the Official Community and a variety of in-game event systems will be updated.

Collect Points from playing a variety of Game modes, and use the points to obtain rewards through events! To make Single Play more enjoyable, events that provide double the points are also planned to take place. We plan to continue to put out efforts into making FANTASTIC BASEBALL a smoother and a more entertaining experience for Team Owners!


2) UX/ UI Improved

We improved some parts of the UX of FANTASTIC BASEBALL for all, new and existing Team Owners to easily understand and adjust to the game. Through the UX/UI improvements, we hope to eliminate any difficulties Team Owners have had during the gameplay. If Team Owners continue to give us feedback, we will make sure to prioritize the fix.

3) Information added to PVP Related games.

Many Team Owners are enjoying the PVP Content where Team Owners Face off in a 1v1 match in an electrifying game of baseball. To add to the fun for Team Owners that enjoy the PVP Content- we will add the following information to be displayed.

- Display 10 of the latest games.

- Display Ranking by League / World in the lobby.

- Display Team Owner’s Set Deck Effect in the lobby.

4) Many Other fixes and improvements will be made.

- Skip function for some in-game cutscenes will be added. 

- During Single Play, if a Single Play mission is not selected for a certain amount of time, it will automatically skip.

- A variety of in-game defensive motions will be added. We will continue to put our efforts into creating a more immersive, realistic baseball experience.

- As mentioned in the last Developer’s Note, the heating issue is being fixed. We are continuously looking into this issue, and the issue will be partially fixed through the April 30th update.

- Many Other bugs are planned to be fixed. Further information will be provided through future posts.

The Development Team is implementing Balancing issue fixes as listed below. After some internal tests and verification, we will implement the fix as soon as we can.

We received feedback that Points deducted for losing in PVP Season Mode is too small.

The Development Team wanted to refrain from losing too many points in the game because it could be rather stressful and will not be an enjoyable experience. Due to this, gameplay might have been less stressful- but the issue of the top ranked players being decided by who played the most games, has arisen. The Development Team is looking into this issue and we will make sure an appropriate update will take place. 

In-game balancing improvements have been made on April 2nd and we plan to continuously make these changes. A variety of new situations and plays will be added into the game such as ‘Texas Hits’. New defensive animations will also be added making the game visually more unpredictable and exciting.

With that, we conclude our Developer’s Note notice. Recently, it has been the perfect weather to enjoy a ball game. Please enjoy Baseball, and enjoy FANTASTIC BASEBALL just as much. Thank you.

P.S We prepared a small gift to show our gratitude towards all Team Owners.

Developer Note Reward
Normal Player Card Pack Ticket
Rare Player Card Pack Ticket
Normal Special Training Ticket
Diamond Special Training Ticket
Action Point