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Developer's Note

5/17 Developer's Note


Greetings, I'm Ho-chan Kang, the development producer of Fantastic Baseball.

It's almost two months since the 2024 season began for MLB, KBO, and CPBL. The season is getting more exciting as it progresses, and we'll continue to work hard to make your time with baseball enjoyable with Fantastic Baseball.

We are actively developing the game to make it more enjoyable and comfortable based on the valuable feedback from team owners. Although there are still many areas to improve, we promise to continuously develop content and systems to make it a more complete baseball game. We are also working hard to promote Fantastic Baseball worldwide and make it easier for new team owners to enjoy it.

We look forward to you joining us in Fantastic Baseball in May, and at the end of May, we will briefly introduce the major updates we are preparing.

1. Outstanding players will be updated as theme cards.

For the 2024 season, the best performing players from each team were selected and released as Player of the Month cards. Various theme cards, including Player of the Month cards, will be updated regularly each month.

Since Fantastic Baseball started by primarily implementing multiple leagues like KBO, MLB, and CPBL and enhancing lineups through the use of mercenaries, we are aware that the current team composition is not sufficient and is limited. Going forward, we will release players who have had unforgettable performances in the past and those who are currently performing well, adding more fun to the lineup configuration for team owners.

We are also preparing a theme card effect system that will trigger special effects when theme cards are included in your lineup, allowing you to strategically strengthen your team lineup using theme cards.

2. We will renew the challenge mode to make it more fun to play and hold a renewal event.

We will enhance rewards and revamp the UI/UX to make the challenge mode more enjoyable to play.

- A new challenge that allows for faster and more thrilling play will be updated.

- When clearing each stage of the challenge, stage rewards will be given as a base, and we will improve the all-clear rewards to ensure that all team owners who clear the challenge mode receive great rewards.

- We will simplify and clarify the challenge mode UI/UX to make it more convenient for you to enjoy.

We also plan to hold a challenge mode renewal event where you can receive a league-select diamond player guaranteed event pack and rare player card pack tickets for clearing all levels of difficulty.

3. Prism diamond player card trade system will be updated.

Prism diamond player cards are the highest grade cards in Fantastic Baseball, and currently, there are limitations on releasing prism diamond cards, which makes it inconvenient to trade them for other cards.

To alleviate this inconvenience, a prism diamond player card trade system will be introduced. The trade will be conducted through trade tickets, and development is underway to allow you to receive offers from multiple teams.

In addition to the items mentioned, we are preparing more fun content and improvements, along with various in-game events. We will continue to make efforts to ensure that you can enjoy Fantastic Baseball more.

We hope you enjoy playing Fantastic Baseball, and as a token of our gratitude, we have prepared a small gift. Thank you.

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